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Dmitri is an online marketer based out of Toronto, Canada. Since 2003, Dmitri has focused his efforts entirely on e-commerce and selling his products online. From softwares to ebooks, various services, apps, physical products - if it can be sold Dmitri has tried marketing it. With nearly 20 years of marketing under his belt Dmitri knows exactly where to look, what strategies to apply, and how to take a website from "simply existing" to generating sales consistently.   

Chris is a natural born marketer - It’s not about the glamour, money or recognition for him. He’s a real data nerd and nothing makes him happier than diving into the numbers of a new client’s ad campaign. CTR’s, Conversions Rates, CPC’s, Split Tests and ROAS are the numbers that drive him. He lives in “The Trenches”, eager to go to battle with the hardest most saturated markets online. The harder your niche is to penetrate, the more you need a guy like Chris on your team.

Dmitri Sorokine (Left) & Christopher Nocerino (Right)

Our Work

Since this service became available in early 2012, we have used our expertise to help 100's of clients. They range from law firms, to professional clowns, plastic surgeons, people selling softwares & eBooks, hair salons and everything in between. If you have a website and sell a product or service, you fit our criteria. Just check out Some of Our Client Testimonials:

Our Clients come from the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Costa Rica etc. and Include:

  • Restaurants 

  • Law Firms

  • Online Shoe Stores

  • Auto Glass

  • Cosmetic Surgeons

  • Bloggers

  • Immigration Lawyers

  • Party Clowns

  • SEO Companies

  • Graphic Designers

  • Membership Sites

  • Personal Coaches

  • Travel Tours

  • Dental Clinics

  • Credit Repair

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local retail store looking to expand your business, or an online vendor selling apps, ebooks, software and other digital products. As long as your business can benefit from targeted traffic, we’ll be happy to start working on your campaign right away. 

Client Testimonials

"We contacted SalesOverLikes early during our  product prelaunch. Having worked with them before we know how important it is to design a product that is both functional and customer oriented. They helped us to establish the design in a new line of products that enabled us to gain traction and pursue funding for our product launch. SalesOverLikes has been instrumental in our continued success. Their knowledge of the market and sales optimizations is why we'd highly recommend them!

Toni M.

"Sales Over Likes set up a large and targeted marketing campaign for the best selling graphics products in my membership website. They also came up with a sales funnel strategy that restructured and optimized my entire website making it extremely efficient and easy to see where the majority of my sales are coming from allowing me to cut advertising expenses from low performing products and invest them into products making all the money. Sales Over Likes marketing strategy has had a significant positive impact on the growth of my business and profit." 

Max R.

"Sales over Likes are awesome! The FaceBook marketing campaign they set up for us literally allows us to turn new clients on and off when we please. When we’re busy and booked we simply pause the campaign they set up for us, and when we’re free and in need of clients we turn it back on. This setup is perfect for our part time business and doesn’t get in the way of our day jobs. We highly recommend this to anyone looking to get new clients for their business." 

Max P.

"Sales Over Likes are fantastic!  I never have to check the PPC work that they do!  It’s always phenomenal keyword research, coupled with fantastic negative keyword lists. I’ve used their services half a dozen times now and I won’t stop!  If any of my offline marketing clients’ need marketing setup, web optimization and keyword research, Dmitri and Chris at Sales Over Likes are the first I turn 


Adam M.

"Although we were achieving some success with our Google Advertisements we were losing money on bad calls and more than half the people that visited our website did not contact us. After reaching out to SalesOverLikes they optimized our Google Advertisements so that we got no more bad calls and more good calls, and they Optimized my webpage for mobile & web so now the majority of people that go to our website contact us. These guys know what they are doing and going with them has drastically increased profits best purchase I have made in a long time go with these guys"

Lorans Y.

"Prior to working with Sales Over Likes our main way of getting clients was through networking and word of mouth. We had no marketing strategy, weren’t advertising our business properly or had any way tracking where our clients are coming from. Today we rely mostly on the marketing campaigns Sales Over Likes set up. It allows us to focus on what we do best (designing awesome websites!) without chasing after potential clients and constantly handing out business cards…our clients now chase after us!" 

Jon C.

"I have a ton of marketing and sales experience in the “real word”, most of which I was able to successfully apply to my first online business. However, after exchanging a few emails with Sales Over Likes it was apparent there were clear ways for me to improve my conversion rates, opt-ins, sales funnel and ROI that I was completely oblivious to. A simple tweak to one of my headlines almost doubled my opt-in rates. These guys know what they're doing!" 

Ricky L.

“Sales Over Likes are the best Google experts that I have come across. In fact I have used them repeatedly — six times so far — to uncover the best keywords for six different niches, and they continue to blow me away with the depth and quality of their research. The communication and responsiveness is outstanding. The bottom line is that I would not repeatedly be using Sales Over Likes unless they were the BEST. Highly recommended!”

Ben C.

Book a Free 3 Month "Custom Strategy Call" to See How We Can Grow Your Sales Revenue:

It’s 100% FREE, Super Efficient and actually pretty fun - Lets get on a call and speak face-to-face. Email is missing the human connection, and Zoom Calls are where the majority of our breakthroughs and “Quantum Leaps” happen. Let’s Make Your Website Good at Turning Traffic into Sales in 1 Hour of Less.

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